Well, things are rolling once again. New CD is just about out. And we are touring once again. If you live near any of the cities we are going to please make sure to print up some fliers and help us out.
We appreciate you guys so much. We love to see all of the support. Till next time.

Everyone Say hi to Gloria, she is our street team leader. If you have any questions about anything make sure to ask here.
name: Gloria
aol: LimitedToo1984
Want to be the Triple T Member of the Month? The member of the month gets a customized faully tshirt. You get to choose one of our 3 designs, you choose your own color of shirt and ink. Members of the month are chosen by Gloria and the members of Faully. Those who do the most work and promotion receive the honor.

Promotion Ideas
- We need you to hang up posters all around your town. Check out our shows page for when we are coming to your town next, download the posters and put the posters up about a week and a half in advance. If we arent coming to your city for a while, download the Faully generic posters to put up.
- Going to a local show? Hand out fliers for Faullys next show, or hand out the Faully generic fliers. Just want people to know who faully is or that they are coming to your city, hand them out to everyone.
Email List
- Download our email list signup sheet and bring it to all of your friends and people you dont even know to get them to sign up for Faully's email list. Bring your cd player along so they can listen to what Faully sounds like.
Message Boards / Chat Rooms
- Got some free time? Go to other bands message boards, music message boards, and chat rooms and let people know about faully. Make sure to say check them out at and
- We need friends on, send people to to be our friend. Look around myspace for people that like music similar to faully and let them know about faully. If faully is going to certain cities, make sure to email people from those cities to check out faully when they are in thier town.
CD Player to School
- Let all of your friends and people you don't know listen to your faully cd at school, get them to sign up for the mailing list, ask if they want to buy the cd or come to the next show.
Selling CDs / Merchandise
- Let everyone know they can buy cds and merchandise from or by going to the shows
Christmas Cards
- Send out Faully christmas cards to all of your friends, or put them in peoples lockers.