Well, things are rolling once again. New CD is just about out. And we are touring once again. If you live near any of the cities we are going to please make sure to print up some fliers and help us out.
We appreciate you guys so much. We love to see all of the support. Till next time.

Everyone Say hi to Gloria, she is our street team leader. If you have any questions about anything make sure to ask here.
name: Gloria
aol: LimitedToo1984
Want to be the Triple T Member of the Month? The member of the month gets a customized faully tshirt. You get to choose one of our 3 designs, you choose your own color of shirt and ink. Members of the month are chosen by Gloria and the members of Faully. Those who do the most work and promotion receive the honor.

What you can get when you promote Faully
1. Customized Tshirt - you choose out of 3 designs, and you choose your color of shirt, color of ink, and size. This is only for The TTT Member of the month
2. Exclusive buttons only for faully street team members
3. Exclusive faully songs like Guitars and Harmonicas part 2
4. Autographed photos of Faully
5. Free concert tickets
6. Win contests like dates with Carp
and more and more and more