June, 16 - Elk River, MN Band Shell (indoors)
Faully,Cannary Rose, Affilio, And Then I
Turned Seven
June, 17 - Shakopee, MN The Enigma
Faully, Breaking Lies, Roxbury, Leaving Terra Plus 1 TBA
June, 30 - Java Joint St. Cloud, MN
Faully with Bayfield and Cide

July 13 - AIDS benefit show Shakopee, MN The Enigma
Faully, And Then I Turned Seven A Sunken Ship Irony, Bloodwilltell, Cedarwell, Discombobulated, Finest Hour, and The Fusions

June 24 - Duluth, MN The Red Room
Faully, TBA
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We should steal a seat belt out of a car so we can make a guitar strap out of it
There should be a band of foreign people called GreenCard  
Instead of performing our set next week, we could all just re-enact the Battle of Gettysburg from the civil war for the show. It would be educational. Really, far too few people really understand the significance of that battle, and I believe that a 4 person re-enactment could really shed some light on this part of history. It would be me, Nick, and Tom in the north and Carp in the south because he has drum sticks, and those hurt when you throw them. But what HE doesn't know is that we have mind bullets.
Instead of leaving it to a vote, lets just have John Kerry and Dubbya WRASTLE for the presidency, but that might be unfair, because Dubbya plays dirty.  
We should actually get a picture of us all holding a monkey, like go and steal one from a zoo, and we can take care of him, feed him, bathe him, and he can live in the bass drum. 
We should actually get a picture of us all holding a monkey, like go and steal one from a zoo, and we can take care of him, feed him, bathe him, and he can live in the bass drum. 
Instead of performing our shows in standard punk wears, we should instead wear full scotish war outfits, kilt included. 
Due to the rising prices in Gas, we should fly to Iraq and buy gas there, seeing as the cost is around 5 cents a gallon. We could LOAD UP and have enough for our 2 tours this summer! Do you think we have to declare gasoline? 
We should adopt a highway so people will see the name faully when they drive by. 
Instead of buying a new van for the band, we should just all buy mopeds like in Dumb and Dumber. That way, we could just get KILLER gas milage. It would suck for carp, since he has the drum set. He can get a trailer. But that would suck driving a moped with a trailer throught the rocky mountains.... 
We should make fliers out of wood, that way people would remember our shows, because they would be heavy in their pockets and they would have to keep thinking about it. 
Tom and I should have cardboard cut outs of our selves on stage. And since we have wireless we can be back stage playing and then come in and bust through our cardboard selves.
The bands atreyu and falcor should go on tour together and call it the Never Ending Tour
We should wear costumes at all of our shows to promote Toms costume sites.
We should change the name of some of our songs, like change The Rain to THE RIZZLE to try and get more hip hop fans.
We should move up to the great birchwood tree forests of Blaine and build a treehouse, so we recieve good song writing abilities and inner peace.
"We should play on top of the ball in New York for new years, because everyone looks at that ball."
- Weekly Dumb Idea Special Guest - Tom
"We should move to California so we can get cash back for our Sobi drinks."
"We should issue a faully christmas card. I can be santa, Nick and Tom can be elfs. Carp...,umm carp can be the reindeer, but he doesn't get to be rudolph, he has to be prancer."
"Instead of sending our CD's to record labels we should send a singing christmas card, not only would they hear how we sound, but they would see how good Carp looks in a prancer costume."
"We decided we can't make fun of marc if he is in the hospital. Except for things he has said already (refer to quote of the week)"