June, 16 - Elk River, MN Band Shell (indoors)
Faully,Cannary Rose, Affilio, And Then I
Turned Seven
June, 17 - Shakopee, MN The Enigma
Faully, Breaking Lies, Roxbury, Leaving Terra Plus 1 TBA
June, 30 - Java Joint St. Cloud, MN
Faully with Bayfield and Cide

July 13 - AIDS benefit show Shakopee, MN The Enigma
Faully, And Then I Turned Seven A Sunken Ship Irony, Bloodwilltell, Cedarwell, Discombobulated, Finest Hour, and The Fusions

June 24 - Duluth, MN The Red Room
Faully, TBA
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Amy Lindsey
She was the first one to post on our new message board.
Ricky Geisthardt
He's 5 years old and listens to our music online almost every day. He also came to our show last month.
Jess, Hope and Jodi. Our new friends from Fargo, ND.
They helped us get the show in Fargo, promoted and let us party and stay at there place afterwards. They also drove 5 hours for the show in Mankato.
  We have to thank everyone who has recently let us stay at their places after our shows, you all RULE.
Fargo (Jess, Jodi, Hope)
Duluth (Jess, Lindsey, Brandon)
Shakopee (Gloria, Silent Rain)
Burnsville (Lexie, Tyler)
  Kayla, Julie (IL), Jessica (IL)
Kayla once again wins fan of the month because she sold cds for us. Julie and Jess also win because they drove 7 hours from chicago to see us at the Quest.
  Ryan McKeown
Ryan has probably helped out Faully more than anyone else. He has helped us book many of our shows, hook us up with some great bands, helped us improve our songs. You name it. So thank you Ryan.
  Peterman, Gloria, Mark and Jane (Nicks Mom)
- Peterman and Gloria have been promoting the heck out of faully, and we have to give them props for all of their help.
- Mark (Carps Roomate) Let us borrow his truck to unload on night, so he got fan of the month for that.
- And finally Jane (Nicks Mom) gets fan of the month for keeping us on the right track with good morals.
Thanks everyone!
  Megan Bistodeau and
Angela Winter
- Megan told her mom she was going to the quest battle of the bands and drove up to St. Cloud to see us instead
- Posted Fliers all around her school
- Brought us all water at the Emporium Show
- She sent out over 150 emails to people telling them about faully
- She came to every show within an hour of her house that we played last month