June, 16 - Elk River, MN Band Shell (indoors)
Faully,Cannary Rose, Affilio, And Then I
Turned Seven
June, 17 - Shakopee, MN The Enigma
Faully, Breaking Lies, Roxbury, Leaving Terra Plus 1 TBA
June, 30 - Java Joint St. Cloud, MN
Faully with Bayfield and Cide

July 13 - AIDS benefit show Shakopee, MN The Enigma
Faully, And Then I Turned Seven A Sunken Ship Irony, Bloodwilltell, Cedarwell, Discombobulated, Finest Hour, and The Fusions

June 24 - Duluth, MN The Red Room
Faully, TBA
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Amy Lindsey
She missed our first show.
  Hmm, we arent sure who the bad fan of the month is this month. So Im just going to pick Carp as the bad fan of the month. Sorry Carp.
  The American Legion
They raised there prices to rent the basement to $300 so there is no way we can do all ages shows there anymore. So we are looking at new places to do all ages shows.
  We have too many people to thank reciently, so NO bad fan of the month. Only more Good Fans of the Month.
Thanks again to Jodi and Jess for helping sell tickets for the alexandria show.
  Hope from Fargo
Sorry Hope, even though it was an accident we have to give the honors to you.
Hope kneed Carp in the balls when he was trying to put in a video tape? ask jess
  The guy who was going to sell us a new van. We drove up to Hutchinson to buy it. A maroon 1995 Ford Club Wagon with "First Lutheran Church" written on the side in sparkly letters and hot pink outline. But when we got up there he told us he sold it the day before.