June, 16 - Elk River, MN Band Shell (indoors)
Faully,Cannary Rose, Affilio, And Then I
Turned Seven
June, 17 - Shakopee, MN The Enigma
Faully, Breaking Lies, Roxbury, Leaving Terra Plus 1 TBA
June, 30 - Java Joint St. Cloud, MN
Faully with Bayfield and Cide

July 13 - AIDS benefit show Shakopee, MN The Enigma
Faully, And Then I Turned Seven A Sunken Ship Irony, Bloodwilltell, Cedarwell, Discombobulated, Finest Hour, and The Fusions

June 24 - Duluth, MN The Red Room
Faully, TBA
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Marc's Bio

  • Name: Marc Richmond
  • Instrument: Bass Guitar
  • Age: 19
  • Hometown: Coon Rapids, MN
  • Musical influences: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Third Eye Blind, Eve 6
  • How do you know when the band has "Made It": When I have at least one person in the crowd scream “MARC, I wanna have your baby!” and that person is NOT Carp
  • What you'll be doing after the band DOESN'T "Make It": Moving back to Coon Rapids to start up a local music shop. And when THAT fails torch the place down to get the insurance money and start living life as a hermit in the hills of Mankato
  • What does Faully stand for: Fresh Authentic Unusually Lucky Lethargic Youth
  • What do you spend most of your money on: music
  • If you could write the fortune in a fortune cookie what would it say: That wasn’t chicken you just ate. Lucky numbers 13, 39, 69, 19, 1, and 5,098,7948,473,980
  • Favorite alcoholic drink: Any 40, and well, beer
  • Favorite toy: as a kid: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action figures, and now, my guitar
  • Favorite thing to do outside of the band: watching old movies while listening to Hotel Californian to see if they sinc up in a significant way (you know, like dark side of the moon and the Wizard of Oz). And so far no, nothing has...
  • Favorite restaurant: China Wok
  • Favorite TV show: South Park, Family Guy
  • Favorite movie: High Fidelity, Empire Records
  • Best concert: Red Hot Chili Peppers when I finally get to go, otherwise Saves the Day
  • Most embarrassing moment: when I played a show with my old band at the Garage, which was an hour drive, and they forgot to put us on the bill, so when the band before us took their stuff off stage the crowd left cause they didn’t know that there was another band. My car broke down that night on the way back my old band effectively kicked me out because I was ‘responsible’ for the whole mishap. I can categorically say that was one of the worst days of my life that didn’t involve someone dying…
  • Biggest Fear: failing out of school, my band not making it, my dog getting run over by my ex-girlfriend, the world being taken over by deranged super monkeys, AND me winning the lottery but losing the ticket. All those happening at once.
  • Favorite Feature in a girl?: Carp stole my answer…the basterd… I guess now ill have to be stupid and say personality. But nothing ever hurt by being hot. Oh! And don’t be dumb, PLEASE don’t be dumb. I couldn’t handle that
  • Any Last Words: wise man say man who stands on toilet is high on pot